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Silver Cloud

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As the inaugural ship in our fleet, Silver Cloud epitomizes everything that is Silversea. Since launching in 1994, the Cloud has travelled to all corners of the world while introducing its guests to our six-star level of luxury. Designed to provide the most intimate of sailing experiences, Silver Cloud offers fewer guests, more space and the ability to slip into exotic ports off the beaten path. This elite vessel is as a grand hotel, as gracious as a long-time friendsí home. Each all ocean-view suite provides a sumptuous retreat. Each public space is intimate yet inviting. Itís a warm feeling of home upon the seas of the earth.

Aboard Silver Cloud you will find a most accommodating place to view our world. Whether itís delicious onboard diversions, world-class cuisine, memorable dining venues or staying connected from anywhere, Silverseaís impeccable standards apply to every detail of your voyage.


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Departure Date Days Voyage schedule

South America

Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise January 6-17 11 1601 Deals Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires
January 17-29 12 1602 Deals Buenos Aires to Buenos Aires
January 29 February 13 15 1603 Deals Buenos Aires to Valparaiso
February 13 March 1 16 1604 Deals Valparaiso to Buenos Aires
February 13-22 7 1604A Deals Valparaiso to Ushuaia
February 20 March 1 9 1604B Deals Ushuaia to Buenos Aires
Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise March 1-9 8 1605 Deals Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro
March 9-23 14 1606 Deals Rio de Janeiro to Barbados


April 8-22 14 1610 Deals Barbados to Lisbon

Mediterranean Sea

April 22 May 2 10 1611 Deals Lisbon to Genoa
May 11-21 10 1612 Deals Genoa to Barcelona
Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise May 21 June 2 12 1613 Deals Barcelona to London
Baltic Sea Northern Europe
June 2-14 12 1614 Deals London to Stockholm
June 14-21 7 1615 Deals Stockholm to Copenhagen
June 21 July 2 11 1616 Deals Copenhagen to Copenhagen
July 2-9 7 1617 Deals Copenhagen to Stockholm
Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise July 9-16 7 1618 Deals Stockholm to Copenhagen
July 23-30 7 1620 Deals Stockholm to Copenhagen
July 30 August 6 7 1621 Deals Copenhagen to Stockholm
August 6-13 7 1622 Deals Stockholm to Copenhagen
August 13-22 9 1623 Deals Copenhagen to London
Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise August 22 September 6 15 1624 Deals London to Copenhagen
September 6-13 7 1625 Deals Copenhagen to Stockholm
September 13-23 10 1626 Deals Stockholm to London
September 23 October 3 10 1627 Deals London to Lisbon

Mediterranean Sea

Luxury Cruises Silver Cloud Silversea Luxury Cruise October 3-13 10 1628 Deals Lisbon to Monte Carlo
October 13-20 7 1629 Deals Villefranche to Rome
October 20 November 1 12 1630 Deals Rome to Alexandria
Africa, Asia & Far East
November 1-10 9 1631 Deals Alexandria to Port Said
November 10-24 14 1632 Deals Port Said to Dubai
November 24 December 2 8 1633 Deals Dubai to Dubai
December 2-11 9 1634 Deals Dubai to Mumbai
December 11-22 11 1635 Deals Mumbai to Singapore

Australia, New Zealand & Tahiti

December 22 January 7 2007 16 1636 Deals Singapore to Sydney
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